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If songs are children and Indigo Dreamers are the parents, then Lessons of Blue is the documentation of the growing pains, nostalgia, and joy of maturation. The album began three years ago after Jamie Craig released her debut EP and was anxious to embark on a new project with her already written songs. She won the iTunes Music Festival Competition for her song “Blue” shortly after the release of the EP and knew that “Blue” would play an important role on her upcoming album. Jamie employed the help of long time music partner, Pouya Pourtahmasbi, to co-produce the album. The pair struggled at first but eventually found a way to meld their contrasting styles and unique backgrounds into a sound that was truly their own. A collective perspective emerged that glued the songs together. They realized that a new name was needed to encompass their collaborative music project and newfound vision. This was the birth of Indigo Dreamers.