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“Imminent” is a powerful quartet rising out of Chicago with a real sound of rock/ metal being themselves in every way, staying true to the styles of music they love. Their big sound rides with a powerful groove; the lyrics simply pierce your heart. Front man Dave describes the group as, “An aggressive passionate heart’s cry of one’s desire.” Interpreting this poetic element Dave simply says, “Each of us put everything we have into this band and in the music we play.” Imminent vocalist Dave, guitarist Mike, drummer Gabe and bassist Joe assembled together in the early part of 2006. All four members have been playing music since their youth with influences of heavy metal, speed/thrash, rock, classic rock, punk, Latin rock, jazz, and blues. The perfect amalgamation of these styles has generated a sound of their own, anew and inspired. Their passion is pulsing; their creativity is concerted; their impact is Imminent.