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Remix of Kid Ink's Sunset

@Illijam #CountItLoss

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Now, just picture us, past all these hard times/

Prolly be walking down a boardwalk with God, sun dip below the sky line/

So step by step we, we follow Him hard/

Don’t that heart ache shrink when you realize Heaven aint that far/

Hook A

Now, just picture us paradise livin/

All our pain gone, all our pain gone: peace out/

Just listen, aint you know He risen?/

Wait until the Son, wait until the Son comes down/

Hook B

And you know He gonna come down/ (2x)

I feel ya pain brah just wait until the Son comes down/

And you know He gonna come down/ (2x)

Might get a little crazy just wait until the Son comes down/

Verse 1

Shades on, Ocean City, looking at the waves…so pretty/

Atlantic be so vast like all of life, post-past/

The best days are yet to come though yesterday you bet was fun/

I aint lookin in the rearview anymore aint tryna crash, more life in store, go/

I could be wallowing in my dirt I committed/

Like I’m ruined I’m a hypocrite why should I go on livin/

But hold up hold up, I already knew I can’t measure up/

So my eyes on Jesus, he frees us, and He’s enough/

So I’m broken, inconsistent, but He got me/

And He healing me, stealing me from the grave he robbed me/

And before long, we’ll see Him, all wounds healed then/

Soon you, God, and me: bet we’ll be eating funnel cake lookin out over the sea/

Verse 2

Feelin like a million bucks, everything’s gonna be ok/

Even if everybody everything in my life gone, I know my God’ll stay/

So I know who I am, know where I’m going, know why I’m here, know what’s important/

I’m His Heaven-bound kid here to rave about this priceless diamond: my God no doubt/

When I’m hanging on His every Word I feel at peace/

Often don’t know what to do so my eyes on you, and I know you’ll guide my feet/

The highest peaks only come after the deepest gorges/

He’ll get us through and the view will be gorgeous/

All the sorrow in my life that the devil try to use/

God turns into ammo against him, I can’t lose/

The good and the bad are all little tiles, some light some dark but we’ll see in a while/

The amazing mosaic He’s making, you can breathe it’ll be breathtaking/