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It's been said "Time" is the ultimate non-renewable resource. Everyone is allotted a finite number of seconds to draw breath, the timer initiated at birth and desisting at death.

Just as life itself will one day expire, everything within life, whether enjoyable or burdensome, carries an intermediate expiration date: tenures in school and at jobs, periods of security and wealth, physical beauty, athletic prowess, health, childhood, parenthood, relationships, epochs of religious freedom, wars, national peacetime, nations, etc.

How then does one make the most of the time one has? What pursuits are truly worthwhile? How does one conduct oneself meaningfully in a transient world?

The answer begins to come into focus upon realizing this truth: Not everything is bound to slavery under time. Some things will last forever.

God. His Word. Heaven. Hell. Human souls. There are others.

It then remains for all to seek to wholeheartedly know and treasure God, be saved from this crumbling world by Jesus Christ, and champion matters of eternal significance by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Are you living for something with an expiration date, or without one? Many things will pass; few will last.

Time's ticking.