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Groovy pop singer-songwriter. From Catalonia, currently based in London. Debut EP Live at Church Studios out soon!

George fiVe is a London based singer-songwriter and a bass player. Centering his life around music, he learned several instruments from a young age, notably clarinet, guitar, piano, and bass. Originally from Barcelona, George has been playing music with various line ups his whole life, and is now ready to share his own sound with the world.

The artist uses his music to channel what he has to say about life and the world around him. Completed with distinct vocals and perceptive lyrics, his style of groovy pop combines a polished yet relaxed sound with a personal perspective. George mentions Ed Sheeran, James Bay, and John Mayer as artists who have influenced his musical style.

George fiVe has been writing music for his solo career for the past three years, and recorded his first four track EP Live at Church Studios in London.