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Singer-Songwriter Hugh James - Living A Full-Color Life In A Black & White World Singer-Songwriter Hugh James started playing the piano at the ripe old age of 5. He developed his bold, introspective, everyman's approach to writing while growing up in Garwood, New Jersey, in a house that reflected the humor and hard work ethic of his left-of-center parents. Let's face it, when your last name is Hardman, and your father was born in Disappointment Valley, Colorado, You learn pretty quickly that nothing comes easy.

James honed his craft over the years writing for artists including teen queen Tiffany, Latin pop divas Las Triplets and most recently country heartthrob Steve Holy. Hugh has also lent his piano chops to several recordings or live performances for Doobie Brother- Michael McDonald, Tiffany, BJ Thomas, Aaron Lines and Robert Townsend and has performed throughout the U.S., South America, & Asia. His songs can be heard on Television and in movies, including the Meatloaf starrer, 'Rustin' and the remake of 'Where the Red Fern Grows' starring rocker Dave Matthews, Kris Kristofferson and a host of others.

His self produced album 'Black & White World' on his own Hardman House Records, is a soundtrack for modern life; offering thoughtful lyrics on issues such as racial harmony, parenting, love and loss. With piano driven instrumentation, James carries haunting melodies with a voice that speaks to the heart and mind. "In the context of the record, this is a group of songs that has a lot to say to a lot of different people. Music makes you feel, and lyrics make you think."

James is in good company with subtle comparisons to Marc Cohn, country artist Phil Vassar and Bruce Hornsby. The latter should come as no surprise since James and Hornsby had the same piano teachers at The University of Miami.

After earning his music degree from U of M, he eventually settled in Los Angeles where he currently resides with his wife & two children. While developing his musical resume, James made a living as a Decorative Painter working for such High-end clientele as Sheryl Crow, Neil Diamond and Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

When he's not locked in his studio writing, arranging or producing, Hugh can be heard at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel at The Disney Resort where he performs his other love - stride-style, ragtime versions of both traditional and modern classics.