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Hostyle Gospel ministers through hip-hop whose purpose is to rescue the hurting and dying held captive by the enemy. Our hope is to tear down walls, break chains, and bust through every barrier to reclaim what Satan stole.Hostyle is the method of delivery, not a different Gospel. We believe in the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. God will be glorified as we kick in the door on a culture that has embraced violence and misguided sorrows. We want to see this generation set free, set on fire, and set on the course of their God-given purpose.


Hostyle Gospel is a dynamic Christian hip-hop group merging musical talent with the Word of God to point people to Christ. With pulse-pounding rhythms and raw lyrics, Hostyle Gospel is igniting a fire of passion for God across America.

Though they reference the Gospel as hostile, hostility is merely the method of delivery. Through this, they provide edgy compilations that merge with terse messages to create a sense of urgency to a generation in need of something more. Hostyle Gospel is armed with the raw energy of their performances and the ammunition of their faith which creates a devastating weapon in the hands of God.

Hostyle Gospel Ministries originated in 2003 from a central Illinois group called The Elite M.O.C. (Men of Christ). After the founders dispersed to individual ministries, two members, Proverb (Raynard Glass) and King Soloman (Demetrius Morton), began to refine their vision for the group. Big Job (Fontaine Pizza) was added in 2005 as a front line member, joining them in performances and on recordings. Since 2005, the group has added more members, King Son, Kamikaze, The Teckniek and Hdavid which serve in music production, graphic design, and web administration.

On March 21, 2009 Hostyle Gospel teamed up with Christian Rap Artist “Flame,” Teen REACH of Vermilion County/Project Success, and the Boys and Girls Club of Danville IL to impact local churches and teen groups. In 2013, Hostyle Gospel made their first radio appearance on 97.9 Jamz WJWZ with their single Break. Later that year, Hostyle Gospel's album Desperation was featured in the gospel magazine Gospel Synergy in a list of new artists to watch. Hostyle Gospel also has ministered alongside fellow Christian rappers KB, Da T.R.U.T.H, and MC Jin at Flavor Fest Urban Leadership Conference 2014 in Tampa, Florida. To date, Hostyle Gospel has released three albums and four mixtapes and is currently working on their fourth album, Hostyle Takeover, which will be released in October 2016. The group is also being guided and mentored by Christian rap legend Fred Lynch from Christian hip hop pioneers P.I.D. On April 19, 2016 Hostyle Gospel teamed up with John Givez and released their lead single from their forthcoming album entitled Skittles and Iced Tea which was inspired by the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The song addressed the importance of freedom, liberty, justice and human rights for Americans. The group also teamed up with Chicago native Gemstones and released “Clap” which debuted on June 8, 2016.

Hostyle Gospel ministers to today’s generation in a way that is both relevant and entertaining. Performances flow more like a worship experience than a concert. The crowd is invited to join in on the praise and to focus on worshiping God. The Gospel is prominent in every aspect of their presentation, whether it be rapping, dancing, or preaching, just know it will be hostyle.