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"Can't explain why I so much liked this its not only because of the music, a mix of raw-old school Death-Thrash with Grind is MAINLY because of the lyrics which are expressing anger, agony and bitterness in the most exceptional way I have seen in a Death Metal album since many many years...there are some things hidden behind Hostage of Fate's artistic delivery (and I am using the word "Art" consciously here) is worthy of your time to search for them..." -

"This album is loaded with metallic chaos, brutal vocals, spine shattering blast beats and brainfucking riffs. Yet, the whole thing feels extremely experimental, which is quite impressive if you think about how minimalistic the music really is. It's definitely something different, different from pretty much every death metal album I've heard..." -

"Hostage Of Fate plays a musical style that takes the mid 80's and early 90's styles of death metal and grindcore and mixes them with a touch of thrash to create a musical style of their own, the production sounds very old school while the lyrics cover dark and violent themes."

"Dans la forme, II est indescriptible…Dans le fond, ça n’est pas plus clair, même si l’on croit pouvoir trouver des éléments de Crust, de Hardcore, de Thrashcore, mais aussi de Grind, de Black et surtout, de musique extrême assez lo-fi dans l’esprit qui ne s’embarrasse guère de principes ni de politesse." -

"Co najlepsze z naprawde dziwnych skladników (np. mamy tu kolejna miniature, spokojne „I love you”, po którym dostajemy crustowe i cholernie ciezkie „Stardust”) udalo sie wykreowac calkiem zjadliwa calosc." -

"Lo que más destaca de esta banda es su toque oscuro y el sonido tan rancio que logran. Una batería que suena muy de los noventa, infernal, que me recuerda a los Bathory del Octagon y del Requiem. Un trabajo de guitarras que combina diferentes elementos: Death, Crust, Thrash, Hardcore, Punk… cierto que no tienen una técnica muy elevada, pero consiguen un sonido aplastante y bastante curioso" -