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The sixth release in Norwegian artist Homeless Balloon's special chill out series of digital EP's has the title "Round And Around", and it is available March 3, 2017. The EP has four tracks inspired by chill out, downtempo electronica and electric blues, and all the compositions are using a mix of electric guitar, analog synthesizer, electronic and acoustic drums and percussion, and acoustic and electric piano. The first track "Round and Around" is a dreamy chill out tune. The second track "Crunch" is a more rhythmic and electronic track. The third track "Night Rising" is electronic, ambient mixed with acoustic percussion instruments. The last track "Blues For Your Brother (Remix)" is a remix of the blues tune "Blues For Your Brother" from the previous EP "Play At Your Own Risk", with Fender Strat electric guitar playing around a MiniMoog synth solo. The album cover is based on a drawing by graphics artist Øystein Sjølie.