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There is always someone out there saying how everything is starting to sound the same on country radio. Then comes along a band like HER & Kings County who bring with them their own brand of music that they have dubbed as “City Country” and something entirely fresh and different enters the mix. Led by the spitfire vocals of Monique Staffile, she and the group lead you on a journey through a debut album chalked full of up-tempo anthems that instantly make you have a good time led by the current single "Family Tree.” The backwoods, country based lyrics of songs “Deep in the Country” or “Down In Dixie,” which mentions Dixie cup drinking, cornbread and meat and three’s grab your attention and pull you in. Then they start to hit you with an onslaught of party type anthems that keep you clapping and stomping along like “Six Figures,” “White Trash Country Boy,” or “Everybody,” which also appropriately has a club mix included as a bonus track. Though the majority of this album stays bent towards the up-tempo, they do slow things down just a notch on “Finding My Way” and you will be pleasantly surprised as the heartfelt lyric is delivered with the perfect emotion wrapped within the vocals showing listeners a whole other side to HER & Kings County. Because this music isn’t just like everything else, HER & Kings Country will face the uphill battle of having to win over country music fans that are used to the same old same old. However, with the type of solid arsenal that this album packs the listeners don’t even stand a chance. Fall in love with HER & Kings County now, otherwise they will force you too with their catchy grooves, stick in your head melodies, and toe-tapping rhythms that will make you move even if you don’t want to.