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When Stephen Day performs he exudes an ethos that captivates the audience to another level. The twenty-two year old Georgia native is clearly the middle ground product of his contemporary influences. His crooning vocals matched with his eccentric stage presence bring you to a place where you’ll find the perfect combination of John Mayer and Allen Stone come to life. In 2014 Day moved to Nashville, TN to pursue higher education at Belmont University. He took his first two years of college to create and record his debut EP Undergrad Romance and The Moses in Me. Each of the six meticulously crafted works were written by Day in entirety. When the EP was officially released in April of 2016 it quickly gained popularity and “If You Were the Rain” found its place on the Spotify US Viral Chart. The song peaked at number two and has since racked up more than 1 MILLION streams on Spotify. With a growing fan base and a heavy independent touring schedule it’s only the beginning of the world knowing a new Day.

His next single will be out on April 27th so stay tuned!