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Henry Seiler’s debut album Breathe is a breathtaking contemporary jazz flute experience debuting all original compositions that provide a beautiful setting for experiencing the flute’s full uniqueness in the language of jazz, funk, and Latin grooves as presented in a modern jazz quartet setting. This release is a wonderful addition to the world of contemporary jazz flute music.

Each instrument must find its own voice when exploring jazz, improvisation, and rhythm grooves. In Breathe, Henry Seiler continues the long history of the flute’s jazz voice by acknowledging and growing forward from the works of jazz flute giants like Herbie Mann, James Moody, and Charles Lloyd.

Seiler’s flute style blends aggressive rhythms, expressive sounds, with his uniquely beautiful melodic solos. In Breathe we find Seiler looking beyond the limitations of jazz as only swing or bebop, rather, Seiler’s new compositions explore less traditional progressions and forms that add to the contemporary jazz vocabulary by drawing on diverse sources like pop, country, funk, and Latin groves with an emphasis on melodic exploration and improvisation.

You will find Breathe a relaxing journey through the simple joys of beautiful sounds and colors.