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Flute artist and composer Henry Seiler is a new voice on the contemporary jazz flute scene. Seiler’s flute style blends aggressive rhythms, expressive sounds, with his uniquely beautiful melodic solos – solos which sometimes border on the reckless but Seiler always leads the listeners through his melodic story with a finesse that reveals a path home. As a composer Seiler strives for economy of line, clean harmony, and simple arrangements avoiding the clever in deference to simplicity and beauty.

Seiler’s story is that of yet another classical musician turned to jazz. Seiler was a classical flute student from an early age through college where he studied flute with renowned flutist and instructor Geoffrey Gilbert. After university Seiler started playing flute and electric piano with jazz and Latin combos in south Florida. Although always hanging on to his day job, Seiler continued to play with jazz and pop combos from Palm Beach to Seattle.

Today Henry Seiler resides in back Florida and has just completed recording and release of his debut album Breathe. No longer in need of a day job Seiler is actively engaged full time in his career of performing in the local club scene, composing, and recording. Seiler is looking forward to continuing performing and exploring new musical forms and working on new music for his upcoming album.