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BOSCO is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, singer, and musician, from Atlanta by way of Savannah. Her debut EP Spectrum, a diverse, genre-bending trip through the past and future, uniquely designed and packaged, put her squarely on the map in the boisterous Atlanta scene. On the strength of that EP, Ms. Bosco toured North America and Europe, and created quite the online fervor. With a new EP comes a very new direction for the chanteuse. Pacer spreads itself out before you in waves of ambient synth, glinting with gilt of BOSCO’s unmistakable voice. A far more conceptual album than its predecessor, Pacer traces the 1978 journey of a Teal Pacer from Atlanta to California, taking the listener along for a textured, complex, and intimate ride. She is sonically daring and tirelessly experimental. She is a master of change. A new sound, a new direction, and no chance of stopping soon: this is BOSCO.