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Heath's newest album is a stirring indie/folk tribute to the works of C.S. Lewis called "The Weight of Glory." Something strange happened in the swamps of southern Georgia. Heath McNease grew up in the sticks. He is a redneck turned theatre major turned rapper turned folk singer turned redneck all over again. His approach to music is influenced by so many different styles and textures. Growing up, his mom gave him The Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkle, and The Beatles. His brothers gave him gangster rap. Classic rock, blues, and folk would eventually collide with his love for hip hop and...yes...musical theatre. Heath is a fearless lyricist. With his silly, multi syllabic rhymes, unabashedly honest storytelling, and insanely erratic freestyles onstage...he leaves people feeling like they've just connected with a genuine guy. Not a pretender. Not a rock star. Just a guy who loves music.