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"Play At Your Own Risk" has thee very different tracks inspired by nujazz, blues and electronica.

The first composition "New Moon" is half acoustic (piano, acoustic guitar) and half electronic (MiniMoog), and the arrangement is strong with a memorable theme.

The second composition is a blues tune, totally improvised and arranged with pure and raw drums and Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. The lead guitar plays around a MiniMoog synth solo with the sound through a guitar rack to make the sound special. There is also an electric piano that makes a sweet contrast to the raw sound.

The last track is a heavy one, electronica with various fast and hard beats and various sound effects and bits of guitars, voices, synths and noises. Yes, play it loud - at your own risk!

This EP is the fifth release in the special chillout series of digital EP's that Homeless Balloon started releasing in 2012, and eleven more EP's will be released in 2016 - to complete the series. The album covers have all been created by graphics artist Øystein Sjølie.

Note: This EP is also available as a physical CD (with three tracks). Only 160 copies are available, and this EP will become a collector's item. Order from my artist page: