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A lot of time, energy and love was put into this music. If you don't think USD 4 is too expensive for these 27 tracks, I appreciate the payment. If you are a student or unemployed, you are welcome to download for free! This Homeless Balloon album contains an hour of mysterious chill out, electronic beats and buddha bar music inspired by the nature, people and art of China. If you enjoy the music of Enigma, Vangelis and Enya, you will enjoy these tracks, too. This is a concept album where each track float into the next, so remember to play the tracks in the original order!

If you buy single tracks or the digital album from Bandcamp, you may choose 320k mp3, linear CD quality, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Go here:

If you buy the album at iTunes, you will also get a 11 page Digital Booklet. If you order the physical CD, it comes with a nice Digipak sleeve - a collector's item.