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My name is Mark, creator of Have Fun Teaching. Have Fun Teaching is a website for teachers and parents that offers free worksheets, coloring pages, flash cards, activities, songs, videos and lesson plan ideas. Before starting Have Fun Teaching I was an elementary teacher. I graduated with an Elementary Education degree in 2005 and taught grades 2, 3, and 5. During my first year of teaching, I started to realize the great need for free high quality teaching resources. I also noticed that the teachers around me had very little time to gather or make these resources with all of the meetings, conferences, and prep time. So, I applied for a $600 grant from my school district that I would use to create a website for teachers that would be free and full of resources. The district saw potential in my idea and I used the grant money to purchase a website domain, hosting account, and a hard drive to store all of the files. From then on, the more resources I added to Have Fun Teaching, the more traffic I got to the site and it just grew from there. I have such a great passion for education, for teachers, and for the next generation of leaders. I hope that Have Fun Teaching will bring the joy back into teaching and learning for you and your kids!