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Save $15,000 or More on Your Home Purchase:

Did you know that as a home buyer in New York City you don’t pay anything to work with a buyer’s agent? Sellers pay 100% of all real estate commissions in NYC. A typical NYC home seller pays on average 6% in real estate agent commissions. Half of that, or 3%, is paid to the buyer’s agent who represents you on the purchase.

Request a NYC Broker Commission Rebate:

What if you could personally earn some of that commission paid to your buyer’s agent? By working with a Hauseit affiliate buyer’s agent, you can actually earn a cash rebate of 1% off your purchase price. Hauseit affiliated buyer’s agents offer NYC commission rebates which let home buyers earn on average $15,000 or more simply for buying a property in New York City.

As a NYC home buyer, you have two choices during your search. You can use a traditional buyer’s agent who may or may not offer good service. The only thing that’s guaranteed when using a traditional NYC buyer’s agent is that you WON’T receive any commission rebate whatsoever.

Your second option is to work with a Hauseit affiliated buyer’s agent. You would receive highly rated service as well as a 1% NYC commission rebate to help make your purchase more affordable.

On a typical New York City sale price of $1.5 million, a home buyer who works with Hauseit would earn around $15,000 through the commission rebate.NYC Buyer's Agent Commission Rebates are 100% Legal:

You may be asking - what’s the catch? The truth is that there is none. In fact, New York’s attorney general recently sent an open letter to the real estate community encouraging them to offer commission rebates. But don’t expect to hear this from a traditional buyer’s agent who keeps all of the commission for him or herself. Fortunately, we just let you in on the secret.

Ready to earn your NYC commission rebate? Contact Hauseit today to get started.

NYC Commission Rebate Information: