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A review of Hanging From The Rafters debut album, Box of Songs by Tentacle Ears:

One of the most pleasurable aspects of music is its ability to sweep you away into another reality; this sense of escapism brings us into a different world of consciousness. Hanging From the Rafters are extremely competent at transforming the world around them with their sound. As you listen to each track you find your head in the clouds; maybe, like me, you even feel a sense of nostalgia for something you never even had to begin with. This trio uses dreamy ambient electronic layering with strong rhythmic percussion beats and haunting, intense, wailing female vocals to take listeners to the next level. All the members of HFTR are competent musicians with different backgrounds that ultimately blend into an experience. Dave Kawika, the guitarist and groove box player, has a background in drum and bass which influences the overall sound of HFTR. The beats are minimal, but layered with intensity and groove while Mike Brown adds live instrumental percussion to bring forth complexity. This coupled with lead singer Lolly Brown’s deep, sultry, dreamy voice creates this downtempo/trip hop/ethereal wave/experimental electronica sensation that captivates.