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Nashville based artist Hand of Hearts is ecstatic to announce the release of their single SMOKE. The band playfully calls their music a multi-vitamin for the soul which encompasses the band's explicitly different sound of Alt/Pop with a strong taste for the 80's.

Produced and Mixed by Joshua D. Niles: ( ) the group's previous record "sparks flew // emotions ran high..." was recorded @ The Chapel in Nashville, TN. The group has recently captured a refreshingly soulful new sound with "Niles" at the dawn of 2016 and they have released "SMOKE" as the lead track for their new EP titled "VICES". “It's my dream to share music that will help create a great memory or feeling interwoven with an undying mantra of real love for people. With all the long days and exceptionally long nights being invested into our music, it feels good to know that our vision is now a reality and it has been one of the best creative experiences I've personally ever had. At the end of the day, my dream is to create and share this music so that it can instil some hope into the hearts of those who hear it while putting a little dance in their step.” says frontman Dean Pratt-DeRosa.