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My Siren

I saw you first at age sixteen

the day I woke up to a dream

of you and I, and as I cried

I wrote the words “All of My Life”

I never doubted you would come,

until the age of twenty one,

when every voice that I could hear

replaced your singing in my ear

My dear sweet siren, dawn has come

and I must rise just like the sun

You’ve held with song my desperate heart,

and with this silence we must part.

I bid farewell forgotten friend

and ask that you remember when

these dreams were all that held our hearts

and nothing else held us apart

Adieu My Love,


Dear Listener

I wrote this album while finding a new way to be alive. You will find openness and honesty at the front line with hope hiding behind every corner. These are the joys and sorrows of a wandering heart. I hope they help you find your way back home.