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My name is Tyler Larson. I'm the owner of Good Times Studio. I’m hoping to change the way that music can be recorded for independent musicians. I’ve run into an ethical dilemma while discussing my services with talented artists. For independent artists, the total upfront costs of studio time, production, recording, mixing, mastering, etc. are usually too much to put on the line early in a musical career. So, here's what I'm trying: This collection of EPs features the Good Times Studio signature "Wide-Mono" sound. All of the EPs in the Pay-It-Forward Program were recorded and produced by the tips/donations generated by previous EPs downloaded. This means great music is getting recorded without any cost at all to the artists you are hearing. Any tips that each EP generates on NoiseTrade will pay for studio expenses for another top-notch band or songwriter to record an EP at Good Times Studio.

NOTE: Bands and songwriters are chosen specifically by the producer to ensure musical integrity. More information on this can be found here: bit.ly/GoodTimesStudio