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The Artist.

GSRV (George Scholes Robson V) has been Composing and Recording hand-crafted music since 2008. Influenced by his time as a violinist in the New Jersey State Youth Orchestra, several years in the NYC theatre scene, and almost 10 years of rock drumming along the Jersey Shore, his latest album "Transcendence. Problematic." may best be described as Urban Folk. What is Urban Folk? I'm glad you asked.

The Album.

Featuring dramatic vocal diversity and multi-instrumentation, GSRV’s self-produced album takes rural elements like fiddle, mandolin, and guitar and marries them with theatre, punk, and R&B influences.

The Songs.

A sampling of the songs off the new album. “Two Lips” like Beck covering Prince on a street corner “Let’s Kiss Like That” country song of a Jersey native “Come By Here” acoustic guitar, vocal density, urban folksy “¿Es Cattle? ¡Oh Gee!” playful, Ben Foldsian, Eschatological

The Question.

Will you listen to GSRV’s music? He’d like that. You might too.

Listen. Buy. Share. Please.