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New dance electronic and house music from Australia!

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by GROOVE STATE plus Exclusive bonus track "A Million Stars" - (Acoustic Version)

GROOVE STATE unleash New 4-track EP. "Light Up The Sky". Seriously catchy and inspiring, with a blast of high energy pop hooks, uplifting lyrics and radical fresh rhythms. Energizing and epic tracks "A Million Stars" and "Unstoppable" shine a light of hope in a dark place, with a contrast of powerful emotional vocals, dramatic piano and exciting techno synth drops. And set the vibe with feel-good bouncy pop-trap gems "Light Up The Sky" and "Champion". A brilliant mix to rise up to your challenge and be an unstoppable, positive force!


After listening to Groove State a couple of times, other Pop and EDM music sounds cookie cutter simple. The melodies are addictively beautiful, atypical and challenging. The duo seems willing to take risks with every aspect of their creative endeavors and end up with music that is both captivating, and deep. Most of “Light Up The Sky” comes in an uplifting animated vein, meant to be played out loud; to experience something like “A Million Stars” anything but out in the open, with lots of people, would be a crime. Its anthemic build is meant soar above a stadium of voices. The fast paced title track, “Light Up The Sky” is both brilliant and frenzied in its lightheaded and lighthearted peppiness, manically trilling: “I feel it coming, I feel it in the air, taking me higher…higher.” No amount of familiarity with Groove State’s release-to-release progression fully prepares the listener for a sound so effortlessly stunning, an achievement so assured, as this EP.

The contrast between the words which are being sung and the fabulous, synth-strewn, pulsing, riff-heavy music, and Lisjana’s gorgeously-delivered vocals is dramatic on “Unstoppable”, but somehow never jarring or dissonant.

Bursting with an immediate, throat-grabbing melody and a benchmark groove, the EP closer, “Champion”, exceeds with a brazen catwalk strutting rhythm. It stands as an all-around amplification and expansion of DJ Deep G’s mature musical instincts and consistently terse song structures. The EP, “Light Up The Sky”, defies you to find an ounce of flab: lean and ferocious, uplifting and anthemic, its 4 tracks blow by with the musical force of a battering gale.