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Caleb Groh (pronounced GROW) howls melodic folk songs about historical and biblical figures in fictional contexts, anthropomorphism, coffee, and the love of throws as opposed to the throes of love. He likes smoked gouda and cats that eat dog food. Born in Connecticut, he has spent his life up and down both coasts, partly due to being born to parents with an affinity for travel (and mostly due to being born to a father in the military). He began writing poems and songs at 9 years old, and started playing them on guitar three years later. At 16, while neglecting home school in Florida, he recorded Homemade (2008) under the moniker Happiest Lion, followed by Mammoth Moon (2010), and two Christmas albums as Caleb and the Caroling Caravan. He laid Happiest Lion to rest in 2011 to start releasing music as Caleb Groh, the first release being an EP entitled Down, Dakota!. His newest full-length, Bottomless Coffee, features Pomegranates.