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Oh so our first year on the Mississippi River has to be fantastic, and the performers committee was working overtime. Starts off with Tim O'Brien on Friday night.. such an incredible musician and writer. Saturday will be a day of song swaps, round robins with many musicians as you meander between the artisan crafts and and the kid's area. Then the evening concert will have Patchouli, Grace & Pierce Pettis, The Barefoot Movement and the David Wilcox. Sunday has another day on the river with crafts, songs and a song writing contest. We close it with Sally Rogers with EverGreen Grass as an opener. We just booked Claudia Schmidt too for Sunday, she and Sally put out a CD which they shared a song on this mix. We love Claudia so, and if you have never heard her Drinkin Buddy, we've added it to this year's mix again because it will be the first year with Pearl Street Brewery and Wine at our event all weekend!