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Through stories, word pictures and songs, Grant Norsworthy possesses a rare ability to reshape sometimes-overwhelming concepts into deep-yet-simple thoughts with engaging melodies and sounds. Now based in Nashville, TN but originally from Australia, Grant’s style is unconventional, immediate and energizing.

In 2011 he produced and released his first solo album "Resident Alien". In his own words, Grant explains the album title - "I feel happily at ease in several different places around the world, but ironically, I also feel a bit foreign everywhere too. I am a resident alien on my home planet!"

But "Resident Alien" is not an album by another "space cadet". Grant Norsworthy sings passionately about life and truth from a well-grounded and honest perspective.

As the bassist with top CCM bands such as PC3 (Paul Colman Trio) and SONICFLOOd, he is also a Grammy® nominated and Dove Award winning musician. But now, Grant is redefining himself as a singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer.