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Amazing lyrics, passionate delivery, uplifting & a charismatic voice are a few reasons why this album should be added to any reggae collection. Redemption Music, Gozzy's Debut album released in late 2014 is one of the signature reggae gospel albums coming out from Barbados and arguably the Caribbean.

The album features mainly traditional reggae tracks along with rock, dubstep and roots fusions. Gozzy's tone and delivery is referenced to that of one of the Marleys. Gozzy's song-writing style is that of a story-teller, painting mental visuals as in tracks such as 'Get Back to You', 'Have Mercy', 'Undeserved' and the popular 'Officer'. Listeners are taken on a 'Redemption' journey throughout the album with each track purposely placed in that order.

There is something for everyone; this is a must listen.