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Do a little research on bands like Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees and The Aces, and you’ll probably end up asking yourself one question: What is going on in Provo, Utah? That’s because the third largest city in the Beehive State is home to a thriving music scene, which gave birth to each of the aforementioned groups and continues to act as a breeding ground for stylistically innovative musicians.

See Goldmyth.

Based in Provo, Goldmyth is a virtuosic singer-songwriter making irresistible electro-pop music in an unusual way: with the harp.

Indeed, Goldmyth is a classically trained harpist who decided to use the instrument to experiment with a variety of music styles, and the result has been nothing shy of extraordinary. “One day, I realized I could merge my two passions and write songs for the harp,” she shares. “I’d lock myself in a practice room in the school of music basement and write songs. Then, I started using a looping pedal to add harp and vocal layers.”

Influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, James Blake and, most notably, Sufjan Stevens, Goldmyth seamlessly blends glimmering harp chords with weighty synths and springy percussion. Yet, Goldmyth’s artistic voice might be best captured in her poignant, vulnerable lyrics and almost otherworldly vocals. “All that glitters is not gold, but is Goldmyth,” proclaimed Brent Burns of Kick Kick Snare.

By her own admission, Goldmyth is weirdly inspired by the way memories work. “My songs focus on the idea that when you craft a narrative of how a relationship decayed, for example, the memories are so corroded that little details feel important but the structure and storyline are distant and hard to place, like it was a dream,” she shares. “That's how daily life is too, the day to day details are in the foreground and the overall plan and bigger themes are only visible in quiet, sometimes somber moments.”

Goldmyth’s critically acclaimed debut EP, Faded Dream, was released on April 4, 2017. Produced by Grammy nominee, Nate Pyfer (Kaskade, The Moth & The Flame) and Mason Porter (Harrlem, Polytype), Faded Dream was heralded by Hilly Dilly as a display of “undisputed skill in crafting tight, concise indie-pop compositions.” Each song was masterfully crafted around an original loop, and stripped down to perfect each section. “I've always been drawn to music that fuses different styles,” shares Goldmyth, “so it escalated naturally to anchoring the harp with synths and beats to create a dreamy but half-way familiar world.”