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War is over, if you want it -- I wonder whether John Lennon had a better grasp on the meaning of Christmas than most Christians do! Thus I wanted to pay homage to Lennon's Christmas song this year by creating an updated recording and video.

But the original, official "Happy Xmas" music video was terribly depressing. Even paralyzing. It depicts the reality of both his time and ours -- violence, exploitation, destruction, poverty -- but it doesn't show a way forward. So with this video, I wanted to show how people have resisted violence and worked toward peace and justice in the past year.

Moreover, the outro showcases my neighborhood community bookshop, Word Up, where I do much of my own peace and justice work. We are presently holding an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for better serving our neighbors. Please check it out at and give if you are able.

Happy Xmas!