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Giants & Pilgrims frontman Tim Coons recorded this album in his basement during the late hours of the night and around his first baby daughter's sleeping schedule. He says this about it (originally released in 2012):

"My daughter was born and all of a sudden I was faced with my own frailty. It sank in that one day I will leave her, my wife and family, leave all this I love, and walk through that passage we all walk: death.

This album is a collection of my reflections of that season, facing my own mortality with bitter-sweet sentiment and outrageous hope for the New to come."

Tim Coons now releases albums under the name Giants & Pilgrims, an art and music collaboration with his wife, Betony (see Almanac No.1 here on NoiseTrade).

Their new project, Becoming, is to be released in October 2015.