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GC Coast was born on August 19, 2000, and that's when a star was created. She was adopted at 3 weeks but it finalized at 3 years - in Alaska - and she has moved to Oregon about 4 years ago. Her hobbies have been singing, dancing, and writing starting at a very young age, and she continues till this day. She calls her fans and supports Coastals and tries to update them about her life on her social media everyday. Coast also did modeling at Laura's Modeling and Talent Agency at age 8 and did a couple Saddler Furniture Store - Alaska based - commercials at age 10 and 11. She is currently 16 and made her first recorded song at 14. Her wishes in life have been to be known and have fans that she could call her own; only so she could tell them that they're not alone with all life's drama, and that her music could be an outlet for them to understand that everyone goes through hard times in life. She's big and bright so you better watch out!