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Future Soul is the handiwork of a Phoenix lone wolf named Nicholas Tillery. In September of 2016, Tillery released his debut EP Elastic Love featuring six soulful, arresting tracks. Elastic Love is a relationship manifesto, drawing from many of Tillery's personal experiences in order to examine modern romance and its complexities.

Spending most of his childhood in Phoenix, Arizona, Tillery played drums in his longtime high school band whilst discreetly honing his lyrical and piano chops on the side. It wasn’t until he moved to Nashville, Tennessee that he truly found his voice and dove headfirst into songwriting.

As he secretly battled depression, Tillery found catharsis in songwriting and began creating the bulk of the material that became Elastic Love. In 2014, deciding drastic changes needed to be made in his personal life, he returned to Phoenix where he could refresh and rebuild his love for music. “Songwriting was my solace. It helped get me through a lot of personal and relational struggles. But where I was at in Nashville just didn't feel right. My love for music felt dull and fading. I needed to break it all down and change the scenery.” Tillery explains.

Not long after moving back to the desert, he established his musical identity - Future Soul. Taking his new songs to longtime friend and producer Joshua D. Niles, he recorded the Elastic Love EP in the Winter of 2015; ironically back in Nashville. Going against the mainstream electronic grain, Future Soul is comprised of nothing but a voice, piano, bass, and drums. “I wanted to be direct, raw, and real. Take it back to basics and see what I could do with only four organic instruments” Tillery explains of the instrumentation.

The album's themes draw from the modern relationship and it’s ever challenging state, mixed with the difficulties and hardships of depression. "Abstract Emotion" attempts to come to terms with the intricacies of emotion and the fear of chasing such complex feelings. "We are so desperate to find comfort in one another that we rush and we lust, mistaking our temporary actions for something greater. We find false comfort in the idea of someone. We bend and mold love to our own ideal situation." Nicholas states of the origin of the EP’s title. Although the lyrics on Elastic Love are comprised of darker tones, the music is a hopeful counterbalance.

Future Soul brings a breath of fresh air to the overly synthesized climate in the music industry by stripping back in order to move forward. Whilst adding to the rising R&B/Soul genre that is rapidly growing in popularity, Future Soul opens another window to it.