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If I wrote down the names of five bands that have made up the proverbial soundtrack to my life, The Choir would certainly be one of them. I began listening to them when I was 17, and 30 years later, their music (and now their friendship) continues to add a real richness to my life. Their loyal fans, the world over, would echo similar sentiments. It is only fitting that their friends and fans would create a project to say "thank you" for the decades of truly incredible music. This two volume project, consisting of tunes from the band's indie catalog, from "pros" and "regular Joes," is our way of doing just that. This album is an international effort and brings in a diverse collection of musical styles.


Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong, Tim Chandler, Dan Michaels (and Robin Spurs, Mike Sauerbrey and Marc Byrd), thank you. Thank you for the albums that serve as markers for periods of our lives. Thank you for the melodies that are ever with us. Thank you for lyrics that lift us up, cause us to consider and even make us laugh and shed a tear. Thank you for the musical soundscapes that stir us, settle us and help us get lost in the moment. Thank you for laying out your own journeys in song and inviting us to ride along.


While these Tribute albums give us, as fans, a chance to celebrate The Choir's musical past, The Choir is still creating outstanding NEW music. Their new album, "Bloodshot," is in production this very moment. Check for updates!!! COMING SOON!


Special Thanks:

To Dan Michaels- Buckeye, it has been a real treat to get to know you over the past few years. Thank you for greenlighting this crazy idea and giving us access to the band's indie catalog. And thank you for replying to the million emails along the way when I needed some guidance. You and Lisa are real gems.

To Deni Gautier- I cannot thank you enough for all you've done. You contributed a (beautifully done) song, mastered every single track for both volumes, AND created the incredible album artwork for volume 2- and not taking one single cent (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is)! You have a generous heart. I am glad to call you friend.

To Chris Taylor- Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it. Before I could even finish asking if you'd like to contribute to this project, you gave an enthusiastic YES! The artwork you did for volume 1 is excellent, as is your reinterpretation of "Cross That River." Thank you for your time and talent. More than that, thank you for your friendship.

Finally, thank you to the artists who contributed to this project. Without your incredible generosity, we would have nothing. You gave of your time so freely, and many of you paid for studio time to record your song. Some of you do this for a living, some just for fun- but you all contributed to this project out of a love for The Choir. Thank you for all of the time you spent. I could not be more proud of the way this turned out, and that is a result of your talents.

B. Frazier


PS- all tips received will be split 50/50 between Chris and Deni to cover art supplies and mastering time.