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Fox & The Bird's latest album, Darkest Hours, is a sorrowfully appropriate title for an unapologetically bare-bones, brutally honest folk album. From lyrics chronicling the confusion of lost love in “Ashes” and “Bend” to commentary on the darkly violent tendencies seen in human nature as presented in “Habit” and “Valley,” the album laments hardship, poverty, death, loss… those moments in life when the darkness seems most impenetrable. But while Darkest Hours is a heavy follow-up to the band's debut Floating Feather, lyrically, their characteristic rich, up-beat orchestration carries us through the darkness with an innate sort of joy and hints at the light that inevitably follows even our darkest of hours. Fox and the Bird continues to produce and self-release its albums, touring and always committed to music that is made on back porches, in living rooms and on the streets.

A folk-pop band with gang vocals and layered harmonies, Fox and the Bird is a choral collective of rotating songwriters and singers. The band’s characteristically rich, up-beat orchestration is hitched to banjos, accordions, ukuleles & fiddles to form the foundation of a sound reminiscent of hard times and high hopes.


"Big and hopeful and reminds us that life can be hard, but hard can be good" - USA TODAY

"The Dallas-based folk band Fox & The Bird sound like The Decemberists and The Avett Brothers jamming on an ocean voyage. If you like nice harmonies and acoustic instruments, you will likely fall in love with their song "Wreck of the Fallible." - AMERICAN SONGWRITER

“Local beloveds Fox and the Bird take their straightforward folk sensibility and throw it in a blender on high with beautiful melodies and sing-along, foot-stomping tunes.” - DALLAS OBSERVER

"Beautiful folk with a dark side." - PEGASUS NEWS

"Fox and the Bird, a band with wonderfully layered Americana-flamenco-folk harmonies." - DALLAS MORNING NEWS

"Combining mellow voices and a variety of instruments, Fox & the Bird delivers mesmerizing performances that possess a mystique and style that defy musical formula." - STAR COMMINITY NEWS

"... tight harmonies, rock-meets-choir flourishes and danceable choruses. Think Polyphonic Spree with smoother changes and Irish drinking-song sadness." - DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE

"[Fox and The Bird's songs] bloom most fully in concert, where the full-throated, multi-part harmonies can reach full roar and the intoxicating clatter behind them blows forth like a summer wind sweeping through the tall grain" -

“Fox and the Bird believe in music as orthopraxy: self-subsisting and without boundaries.” - D MAGAZINE

"Loosely fitting under the vintage umbrella of neo-folk, this well-thought-out group of tunes boasts a variety that never seems cobbled together by force. Instead, a spirit of unity between the album's sonic traits and the group's comfort with the material shines powerfully." - DALLAS OBSERVER