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A native from Los Angeles CA producer, For Thurgood (Sheldon Young) embodies a vibe that is unique. Often using sounds that are cloudy and nostalgic, his music will take you to a special place if you let it. At twelve years old , he came across a scratched up CD entitled “The Love Below”. When hearing this, it sent chills down his spine and from then on he was hooked. Growing up he always felt he was missing something while trying a plethora of activities in which he was never satisfied. Upon meeting his father for the first time when he was eighteen, he discover the rich music history he had and it inspired him to leave home and go to college to study music. During his time in college, For Thurgood quickly began to hone in on his craft and become a music producer. He began taking piano lessons and started applying the music theory he learned to produce music. After going through a rough and long process mastering his craft, For Thurgood began writing songs for his band and also producing music for local artists.