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Every year we celebrate Christmas, we’re given another chance to find strength and hope in the name of Jesus. From the first Christmas until now our Savior’s birth has cut to the heart of all the tension and turmoil we face and interrupted our fear and uncertainty by showing us that “nothing is impossible with God”. The gospels give us a glimpse of the tension and uncertainty Mary and Joseph shared in their relationship surrounding the birth of Jesus; their example of obedience and faithfulness to God and each other is something worth striving for ourselves. Sung as a duet by For the Fatherless, “Mary and Joseph” invites each listener to hear the story of Mary and Joseph in all its complex beauty and be reminded that God is at work in all our relationships as we celebrate Christmas this year. Originally shared at The Chapel as a part of the Christmas production WONDER, please help us share this song far and wide this year as a free Christmas gift to those you’re looking forward to celebrating with this season.