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Happy 75th Birthday, Barbara! This download is a complete recording of chapter 12, "Ada Noble," from Forgotten Voices by Barbara Howe. It is accompanied by a special, large-print edition PDF of the chapter, with photos from Ada Noble's life and ministry. Forgotten Voices tells the stories of 40 amazing women who had a significant role in the history of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. From these women who served as evangelists, church planters, pastors and teachers we can... •be inspired by their unimaginable trust and faith as they served God •learn how to trust God's leading for our lives •be encouraged to see that our lives can influence countless others •discover the effectiveness of prayer and perseverance •be challenged to find our place in God's kingdom Accompanied by nearly 90 photos, this well-researched book is a compelling and inspirational read for anyone interested in the role of women in the church today. The paperback and ebook are available for purchase from Barbara's website,