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After playing the songs out at bars, house shows, and small venues in the Chattanooga area for 5 months, it was time to record a project that portrayed their vibe. The music was taking it's shape, and it became apparent that of all of the facets of the music, the song itself was central. If the song wasn't good, FF never even finished rehearsing it. After gigging, it became apparent that these 5 were their favorites, and they needed to at least be put on a demo. The band, Peter, Alex, Daniel, and Drake, toyed with the idea of hiring a producer and taking a drive out to Nashville for a hip studio, but because of lack of funds, and because Daniel was developing as an engineer and producer, they decided to do it in-house. So rather than hire out recording and mixing, the band chose to use the process as a learning experience and self-produce the album. Other than mixing "Years" alongside Chuck Harris as a "mixing lesson" for Daniel, and the mastering by Dan's friend, John Rick, everything was DIY. Daniel had never mixed a project before, but with the band working alongside, and with the much needed help from Chuck Harris and the critiques from John Rick, the end result was such better than they hoped for, or frankly, just a lot better than they expected.