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Farnell Newton - 10 Minute Trumpet Jams The 10 Minute Trumpet Jams project started as a self-challenge, an experiment to see how I could find the time to practice and record during my busy days touring, parenting, and networking. Equipped with my Macbook Pro and Logic Pro recording software and with my challenge in mind, I was able to carve out 10 minutes of the day to record wherever I was. Sometimes, I was at home with my family; other times, I was on the road touring with Jill Scott or Bootsy Collins. But wherever I was, I made space for 10 minutes of creativity and focus.

In that 10 minutes, I recorded as much music and as many ideas as I could (solos, hand percussion, beat boxing, singing, and more). I then came back to each recording later, when I had fresh ears, to edit everything I had created into a song. Invigorated and inspired by the process, the experiment grew into a full-length project that I am now releasing. My hope is that those who hear it will be inspired to do the same kind of focused project with their art, in whatever form it takes.

If you enjoy this record, keep your eyes and ears open for a follow-up project, the 10 Minute Trumpet Jams REMIXES, envisioned by me and multi-instrumentalist and producer Tony Ozier. We will be releasing the REMIXES as an entirely new project keeping the horns, hand percussion, beatboxing, and singing and remixing each song with synths, live musicians, drums, bass, and more. After you take in and enjoy this record, make sure to be on the lookout for the REMIXES, which will be released later this year.

Thank you for engaging with my music.

I hope you enjoy it! Farnell Newton