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Fee Fie Foh Fum is the brand new, full length album from harmonic alternative folk duo, Flagship Romance. The duo consists of real-life lovers & songwriters, Jordyn Jackson & Shawn Fisher. This NoiseTrade exclusive features a handful of songs from the new album.

On the heels of a fruitful, fan-funded campaign, Flagship Romance entered Gatorbone Studios in the secluded sandhills of Keystone, Florida, to record the album. Their main goal was to create a raw, honest, perfectly imperfect experience for their listeners. With the acoustic guitar & vocals recorded at the same time in the same room, each song on the album consists of a full-take with no splicing or tuning. This allows for the listener to feel as if they are in the room with the duo.

Fee Fie Foh Fum showcases Shawn & Jordyn's unclassifiable vocal blend as well as their diverse songwriting. In support of the album, Flagship Romance will be touring extensively in 2014/15, performing at house concerts, listening rooms, festivals, & other unique venues throughout North America & Europe.

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