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Gangster & The Priest is a compilation album released by "Knife" Sotelo in 2017, as the unofficial follow up to The Much Requested Letter. After acquiring the rights to his indie-label recordings, Knifer decided to release a compilation of older material. The album contains material from the albums Magick Without Words and The Much Requested Letter. The liner notes state that Knifer remastered the songs from Magick Without Words because he could not find the master recordings, and "remixed and touched up" the Xmas Love Game track to show how they would have sounded if Knifer had the money to record them properly at the time. There are also three previously unreleased songs from those album sessions ("Blunted On Reality" from the Magick Without Word sessions, "Run Tha Streets" and "Cali Lifestyle" from the The Much Requested Letter sessions). The only new tracks were "American Bad Ass", which was a cover song of the same name by Kid Rock, and "The Arrival", which features his cousin B-Luv. "Jackin For Beats" was re-written from the original version and was more g-funk than the original Ice Cube version. Also includes a hidden track featuring Kurupt.