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"BEAUTIFILTHY" - the single word Fictionist used to describe their forthcoming 20-minute album and accompanying 20-minute video. Rewind back to 2014 when Fictionist first introduced their quirky Art-Rock style to the world with the release of their debut album, Fictionist. Their story began in Salt Lake City, Utah, with bassist and vocalist, Stuart Maxfield, meeting guitar-enthusiast, Brandon Kitterman, and guitar-vocalist-synth-master, Robbie Connolly, during high school. With a mutual love for music and art, the band started playing together with drummer, Aaron Anderson, and never looked back. By 2015, Fictionist had earned the approval from their home state after being awarded ‘Best Band In Utah’ by City Weekly. In 2016, the band released the intelligent and deliciously pounding four-track EP, Free Spirit, and acted in their own satirical music video for the track, “Free Spirit.” In the same year, they toured throughout the US with Neon Trees, Vampire Weekend and Imagine Dragons.

Fictionist is back on May 12, 2017 with their second album, Sleep Machine, along with a 20-minute music video released on the same day. For their latest work, Fictionist adopted a new mindset of letting go of the worries they often have as artists and simply enjoying the process of making a record. The result is a collection of emotional, inventive sounds and innovated songs. The band veered left of center for Sleep Machine by using antique gear, a karaoke machine and even the recording of Brandon sleeping on the front lawn of their house on the song, “You”.