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Intent on recreating an aesthetic pioneered by the 80s, Mexico-based musician Fhernando brings back the funk in Last Days of Disco.

The young Mexican DJ is not a stranger to the music scene. Since his teenage years, Fhernando or Fernando Ramirez Rios has been composing music and has already released several EPs and singles. His most recent album, Sweet Addiction produced a lot of buzz on music websites.

Featuring 12 tracks of musical bliss, Last Days of Disco will transport you into an era of upbeat yet soothing melodies.

Funkylicious opens with steady dance beats mixed with jazzy horns. This radio-polished track will give that right dose of party high.

Fluttering with playful keys, title track Last Days of Disco will surely spread some good vibes. Ride My Tempo, on the other hand, features a plethora of deep drum tones and trumpet sounds.

Tracks like Anthony Jones, Kiss Me Harder Boy, and Crying At The Discoteque feature big-hearted party anthems with some sonic surprises.

(I Need Ya) L.O.V.E is that kind of track that boosts your mind and energy. It’s the perfect backdrop while working as it features subtle yet upbeat instrumentation.

Fhernando seals up the collection with Pasadena Nights, a disco track with an electro flair. I love how each the music slowly builds into a jungle of harmonized melodies.