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After the stunning success of his 2012 Last Days Of Disco, Fhernando returns once more with 11 songs in a new album that bursts with party rhythms, joy and energy. Opening with Crazy Sexy Funky Love - the song that gives name to this new album -, Fhernando gifts us with a refreshing tune that combines eighties elements and a few melancholic moments, a combination that results in a song that is uniquely different and very pleasant to the ear.

The album contains tunes that reflect Fhernando’s classical style, filled with “fiesta” energy and pure disco celebration such as Paris Is Burning, Can’t Wait For Disco and Velvet Brass.

Harmonious and melodic songs like Love Is Everything and Love Trilogy take us into a trance-like state full of magic, love and saxophones performing at their max, giving it their all, celebrating and leaving no doubt that love conquers all.

Other tunes like Sweet Agnes (By Night) invite us to spend a night like no other and to be carried away by the sweet charm that is only found at night.Fhernando delivers a new album full of unique, incomparable tracks that will not disappoint and will leave us wanting a lot more.