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“The songs are my lexicon. I believe the songs.” —Bob Dylan True musicians live and breathe their music, yearning for the opportunity to both actively engage with their audience and cultivate wisdom through the shared human experience. Folk musicians in particular must then reach deeper into their cultural roots, in order to unearth their motivation for creating music, as well as their identity as artists. There is no greater inspiration than the land on which we have made our home. From Atlantic to Pacific, from one-horse town to metropolis, the land (and the people who inhabit it) are catalysts, motivating artists to create and share. Music, like other art forms, seeks to communicate a message. Whether its the story of one’s first love or a song dedicated to a memory of long ago, most musicians seek to express their thoughts and emotions through their craft, seeking personal growth and active listenership on behalf of an audience. Passion is key in the development of a skill, however the most successful musicians all share a common trait, the ability to build a relationship with listeners and play a role in their story. We are the rolling hills and the vast oceans, the towering mountains and the lush meadows. Artists are America. The freedom to express ideas, opinions, and stories allows us to create without fear and only encourages us to continue our narrative.

We are Ferdinand the Bull.

The songs are our lexicon. We believe the songs.