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In our first edition of a new ongoing series called Artist on Artist, Josh Rouse introduces us to Fan Modine, through his cover of the their classic “Chardaman Chai” (exclusive to this collection) alongside choice cuts from the Fan Modine catalog, including a preview from his new album Cause Célèbre, out April 1st.

“When I first signed to Slow River Records, Gordon Zacharias (aka Fan Modine) was just starting with them as well and I felt so middle of the road compared to him. His recordings were really homespun and fearless and I envied that. Slow Road to a Tiny Empire (with it's asian futuristic lo-fi artwork) got played over and over on tour, around the house, etc. The album opener "Tinsel Town" is a lo -fi fantasy ala Beck (but catchier). I did a cover of “Chardaman Chai” which I first performed at some radio station back in 1998, it just has like 2 chords and some magic. His album Homeland got lots of play when when I first moved to Spain as well. It was definitiely more produced and more easy sonically on the ears. “Pageantry” and “Homeland” are my favorite songs off that album. Gordon's a great unheard songwriter!!! - Josh Rouse