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Formed in the Fall of 2015, Extinguish the Sun emerged out of members of three fairly disparate local acts, chapter seven, Trippin Molly, and Panic Stations. Guitarists Nick Grobe and Jeremy Toms, bassist Daniel Edmunds, singer Jeremy Miller, and drummer Michael Morley began rehearsing and writing with the goal of creating energetic, melodic, and powerful music that could leave a unique mark on the local scene. With a broad range of influences and musical tastes, EtS set their sights on both writing compelling songs and releasing them, and getting out and performing live as soon as possible.

Playing their first show at local venue The Whiskey Barrel in Rock Falls, IL, EtS shared the stage with area stalwarts Bloody Gulch and singer-songwriter act MISSchief. Later in 2016, EtS headed into Steve Bearsley’s Straightaway Productions in Morrison, IL, to record a two-song promo for “Flashes” and “Subject to Change.” These songs were promptly released via Bandcamp at a pay-what-you-want rate. In the winter of 2017, EtS entered Arverto "Gonzo" Gonzalez Jr.’s Smokers Corner, a studio in Sterling, IL, to track “Nameless One,” later recording the remaining eight songs for a full-length, which is anticipated to see release in the spring of 2017. Since the completion of these recording sessions, EtS have been booking shows and laying out their schedule as 2017 takes shape, looking to make an appearance on a stage or in a basement | garage | punk hovel near you soon.