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Evan Croft (born January 26, 1996) is a Canadian singer, actor, dancer, rapper, songwriter and producer.

Born In Toronto, Canada to Sharon & Ian Croft, Evan Croft is the youngest member of the family. Although he came from a family interested in business & IT, at age eight he decided that he would rather pursue his interests in the entertainment industry. Evan honed his talents at local venues, performing both within his hometown and nationally. In 2005, he started his acting career in the movie Knights of the South Bronx.

In 2006, Evan decided to join the Toronto Children's Concert Choir and Performing Arts Company to continue training his singing vocals. At first he wasn't so keen on joining a singing group, but after the year he was glad he did. Evan was part of the choir for 8 years and won many achievements including leader of the tenor section for 4 years, best singer in the choir for 2 years, and best solo for 2 years. While part of the choir in high school, he was still kept acting around Toronto. Some of his best acting was in Hairspray in 2011, Les Miserable's 25th Anniversary in 2012, and Animal Farm in 2014.

After graduating from high school in 2014, Evan was inspired to become a songwriter by American Motown artist, Kevin Ross, after hearing his EP titled, Dialogue in the Grey.

In 2015 during his first year of college, Evan Croft was inspired to become a performer by American entertainer, Trevor Jackson, after hearing his debut mixtape, In My Feelings.

After that, Evan decided to write for himself and released his debut single Love You Right on January 26, 2016. After the release, Evan got to collaborate with a lot of upcoming artist like Canadian rappers Fetchy and Zhethis. On March 8th, 2016, Evan decided to release his second single, Whatever You Want.

Evan's debut mixtape, A Fresh Start, was released on January 20th, 2017. The tracks are a reflection of a young man's coming of age and his emotions as he explores his place in the world, love and relationships.

After that, Evan continued writing and released his next single, Beauty Queen on May 26, 2017. After the release, Evan teamed up with Fred E Fame and performed live during the summer of 2017. On August 29th, 2017, Evan released his second single, Celebrity Crush, from his second mixtape.

Evan's second mixtape, The Ladies of My Life, was released on February 16th, 2017. Each track is a love song about ladies he’s met or celebrities he admires. Croft says his goal was to have a slightly different theme than his previous project.<br>